Friday, May 22, 2015

Week of Work


+ Began building the robot arm

After receiving inspiration from some other robots, we came up with an arm design. As of now we are not yet done with the arm itself, however. We hope to get to that point soon, despite only having another four class days to work on it. There have been a few problems and obstacles during the week, namely the lack of quality materials and in some cases the lack of materials period. Weyoun now proudly wears badges of "ingenuity" like clear tape and plastic wrap. Hey, we've had to make do with what we do have!

A close-up on Weyoun's new, in-progress arm

From my photography you'd think only Sammyr does any work 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Renewed Optimism, as Well as Confusion

+ Maintain blog up-to-date
+ Complete the robot arm challenge

The "robot arm challenge" goal is not very specific, so I'll elaborate briefly. We need to create some pyramids out of straws, create an arm for our robot, and have the arm be capable of picking the pyramids up and putting them on a rack. If we succeed in putting 3 pyramids on the topmost rack, then we will receive the best grade possible. It is our hope that we can accomplish this as soon as possible, due to our previous setbacks and not being behind the other teams.

This part of the project has me a bit stumped, honestly, but we can do this! We have to...

The rack with some pyramids hanging off of it

Friday, May 15, 2015

Runnin' Out of Titles!


+ Programmed Controller
+ Completed two laps around the chairs

This week was one of those testing weeks. We worked hard on Monday but didn't have school on Tuesday and Wednesday. This Thursday there was only one person from this group in attendance. He put the controller battery to charge and did a little bit of maintenance on the robot. What happens on Friday is still unknown since it has not happened yet. There is sophomore testing on this Friday so He might be alone again.

 I'm not sure we'll have the time to give it an awesome arm so we failed in that section of the robot. But we are sure of this, we'll have a an RC toy car ready by the end of this school year!

Sammyr, working on this very same blog post! Inception!

Monday, May 11, 2015



+ Program the controller so we can move the robot with it

Things are finally picking up the pace! We completed the two laps around the chairs using autonomous mode! This week we'll be working hard too, and hope that everyone will cheer us on! I'm in high spirits, for once. Optimism really is a renewable resource, huh?

Our cool new expanded work area!

Friday, May 8, 2015

One Lap

+ One lap around chairs

What our group got done this week is manage to cleanly make our robot complete one full lap. All we need now is for it to do it multiple times and then try and finish up the portable controller programming. We could have done more this week, but with all the important school testing and class relocation we couldn't do much. The controller is our next goal.

The controller, which we will be focusing on next week

Monday, May 4, 2015

Back at It


+ Finally finish the laps!

After an entire week in the portables in the back of the school, we've finally come back to working on our  little robot. We took beneficial advice from Mr. Martin regarding the course of Weyoun ( this is how Karen names it). Anyways, he informed us that the robot should move a large distance around the double chairs. This would lower the failure chance of it not working.

The chairs we need to do two laps around can be seen in the distance

Friday, May 1, 2015

Lost Week

Accomplished this week:

+ A bit more of the coding done

This week has been strange. The only day we did anything, really, was Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday were all-testing days, and today and Thursday we were in the portable. So, nothing much got done. Sigh. This... isn't good.

Tools we needed this week and did not have